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Bespoke music services with professional marketing support

Are you planning an event and need a DJ?

Do you want a company who have a range of DJ’s to choose from, local to you in the UK?

Do you want a team who can look after everything from start to finish including the equipment as well as the DJ?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, read through the rest of this page, the click on Register Your Event at the top of the page where you will be required to fill in a few details. Alternatively, you can call us by visiting our contact page and a member of team can answer any questions you may have.

We are Decadance Talent, and we provide companies with DJ’s for a range of different events. From shopping centres, retail store events and fashion shows, through to product launches and weddings, we have the right DJ with the right music style who is local to you.

We are a national agency covering the whole of the UK.

We also have a range of additional services which you may wish to take advantage of, including a team within our creative agency who are on hand to advise with marketing support. We also work with a range of partners who we can enlist when it comes to things such as video content and editing, and graphic design.

About Us

There are thousands of events across the UK every day.  From in-store events, to fashion shows, weddings and corporate events.  These events are made up of lots of different elements, and music is most often than not one of the most important parts.  We have hundreds of DJs across the country who cover a range of music styles who are local to you, and who can help create the impact you are trying to achieve by having a DJ at your event.

We place DJs into all sorts of events.  Our main focus is shopping centre’s, retail stores and corporate events, such as trade stalls, fashion shows and launch events, but we also have DJs who are suitable for weddings and more bespoke events.  Take a look at the areas we cover and contact us for more information, either by email or by giving us a call, so we can ensure you have the right elements for your event.

 Shopping Centres

The retail sector turned over £339 billion in sales in 2015, making it one of the most profitable sectors.  It can also be the most competitive though, so make sure you are standing out from the crowd, by connecting to your target market through a medium everyone can create an emotional connection to. Music makes people take notice, especially if it’s the right music to help create the right action.

We have DJs across the country who play commercial and underground house music who are able to create the right tone for your campaign.  And when you couple that with the equipment, it means you have an all in one package, making life simpler and easier.  You might have an event within your shopping centre which requires more impact than usual, or the launch of something new, in which case we can help you.  We also have planning and marketing services should you require that extra service.

 Retail Stores

Whether you want to draw attention to a new product or service, or you just want to increase footfall into your store, we have the right DJ for you.  We have helped brands with their product launches since 2013 and through our network of DJs across the country we can event host simultaneous events if you want that extra impact.

Browse and select from our pool of DJ talent, or, because we know all our DJs personally, it means we can suggest and select the best DJs who best meet your requirements.  And because we can supply the equipment as well, it means we have everything all wrapped up for you in easy to book packages.  We can even help with the planning and marketing of the events, and work alongside existing marketing teams and agencies to ensure everything is done perfectly.

DJ’s playing music live in stores get noticed; and most often than not, they end up online with shares and likes from potential customers who could spend money in your store because it’s not every day you see a live DJ playing outside of a nightclub environment.

Plus we have the ideas which are tried and tested from previous events we have helped brands with, so we have proven ways to increase footfall into retail stores.

 Trade Stalls

In 2016 there were around 1,000 different trade shows across the UK.  If you are attending any trade fayre, you want to ensure you have the right impact, both when trying to attract potential customers to your brand, but also when creating the right image for your products and services.

If you think having live music playing on your stall will create that extra buzz then we have a range of DJs which will fit the style you are looking for, from commercial through to underground house and some specialist styles, give us a call and we can walk you through your requirements.

 Fashion Shows

Go to any fashion show in the world and there is music.  You want the music to reflect the mood of the items you are exhibiting, and the atmosphere you are trying to create for that event.  Because we have run hundreds of events, we know how important it is to get it right first time, that is why we have a team ready to run through your requirements, and with over 50 years’ experience combined, you know you will be looked after by industry professionals.  We have the DJ that will help create the right image for your corporate event.

 Product Launches

Your company may have a brand new product of service launching and you want to make a real fuss about it, both to your customers and clients and the wider world.  You want an event which can create that buzz where everyone will go away talking about it; you also want something visual which people will video and capture to help go viral to that wider world, and a live DJ will be an invaluable element to that launch event.

You want to ensure all elements are taken care of, and if you talk to us, we can help take the hassle out of organising the music and DJ elements, as we take care of everything from the equipment through to the DJ, so you just have to worry about the event itself.

 Corporate/Trade Events

Every corporate event needs that element of fun and glamour.  Whether you are hosting your company AGM, a yearly Christmas event, or just planning a company event where having a live DJ playing would provide that element of glamour which every company aims to create to excite their attendees.

Whether it is between the elements of your event, or at the end, we have the DJ to create that glamour and work with other agencies and companies who are helping your put on your event.  Give our team a call and we can walk you through all of the options and help bespoke your requirements.


 UK Wide Coverage

We are one of the only agencies which has DJs located all over the UK, which means we can create simultaneous events.  Just another way to create a real impact with your campaigns.  If you click through to our interactive UK map you can browse our DJs and search for any of our team across the various regions.  From Scotland through to Devon and the South East, we have the right DJ for you in the areas you require.

 Branded DJs

Looking professional is key, so whether you want our DJs to wear your branding or ours, you can be sure of a professional service each and every time.  We have branded clothing we send all our DJs out in with marketing material; should you wish our team to wear your branding then we can act as real ambassadors for your brand, and give out marketing literature for even more impact.

 24 Hour Client Line

We all know there are last minute issues and it’s annoying when you can’t get hold of people when it matters the most. That’s why we have a special 24-hour client line for all clients who have active bookings.  It gives you piece of mind that you can speak to us in an emergency, so as a team we can minimise problems and issues which may arise.

 Marketing Support

We have the benefit of not only having the music knowledge and contacts, all of our support team all have marketing backgrounds, and we have a creative marketing agency within the Decadance offices, so should you need the support on top of the work you do as a company, we can be here to lighten the stress in the lead up to your events.